Madison Weekend

How We Use Websites:

The primary method of communicating information is through this website (

We will use Google Calendar to display HOOTs events.  This information will be shared with the "Non-Repeating Ride Calendar" on the CIBA website.  If you use Google Calendar, you may display HOOTs events on your personal calendar.

We will use MailChimp for mass Emailings.  You may signup on the "Join" page.

We will use Facebook to allow HOOTs members to post pictures, videos, etc.  You may post anything that you feel is of interest to the tandem community.   To post on the HOOTs timeline, you must "like" the page and request "editor" privileges by emailing  Editor privileges were given to people who have liked the page and have attended an event on Feb 13, 2017; you may already have these privileges.    The HOOTs Chairs will not generally post announcements on this page.

We will use Twitter to send out reminders of upcoming events.  We will send out a Tweet a few days before the event; you will get very few of these.   We suggest you use a mobile app and follow @tandemhoots.

We will use Instagram to allow members to post pictures that they feel should be archived on the system.  These pictures should be of tandem activities.

Google Slides will be used to display select pictures on this website.