(Nov 19) The HOOTs Winter Social will be Saturday, February 9th in Westfield (same place as last year). 

(Nov 7) Thanks to Jay and Linda Hardcastle for their work on the Fall Finale Ride.

(Sept 20) Thanks to Don and Chris Kirk for co-leading the Nickel Plate Overnighter.

(Aug 29) HOOTs Blind School Ride Featured in IndyStar

(Aug 26) Thanks to Rick and Anna Stanley for setting up, rescheduling, and finally surrendering to the rain on their Tour of Madison County.

(Aug 13)Thanks to Kent and Anne Ellis for hosting a beautiful weekend in Warsaw.  We enjoyed the weekend and especially the chance to meet people we hadn't seen this year.

(July 9) Thanks to our ride leaders for the Cincinnati Weekend: Jim and Betsy Chisholm and the Jeffersonville Weekend: Brian and  Jessica Christoff.
New Harmony
(June 4) New Harmony Weekend - photo by Brian Christoff - click on the image for a larger photo

(May 29) Thanks to Nathan and Kristen for hosting their Raceday Ride and Cookout

(May 20) Thanks to Jeff and Ann Marie Walker for hosting their Boone County Tour last weekend

The 2018 Season Begins on Saturday, May 12 as Jeff and Ann Marie Walker host their Boone County Tour.

Due to recent demand from Jeffersonville, we are again selling HOOTs Bicentennial Jerseys.  Mail your jersey application by May 21st.

The New Harmony Project (June 1-3) - Three Days of Utopian Tandem Riding in Southwest Indiana - as of May 3, there is still room for three more couples at the banquet.

October 22: Thanks again to Jay & Linda Hardcastle for hosting the Fall Finale Ride and Cookout at their home.

Sept 16: Thanks to Jay & Linda Hardcastle for hosting their ride to Elwood.  We had a very nice lunch in Cicero afterwards.

Sept 12: Our fall ride with the students of the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired featured another stop at Brics in Broad Ripple for ice cream.  Thanks to Brics for donating their ice cream to students and captains.  Special thanks to Ron Fraley and Jason Askren for making this event happen.


Sept 4: Thanks to all the people that supported the group riding to MTR in Dublin,  OH. Transportation and other help was provided by (listed alphabetically):
Tom & Karen Gernand; Don & Chris Kirk; Kurt & Becky O'Connor; Ian Seecoff & Cheryl Sunman; and Jeff & Ann Marie Walker.  The group rode 180 miles over two days with an overnight stop in Greenville, OH.  The reports of headwinds were not exagerated!  Plans are already underway for a ride from northern Indiana to Grand Rapids.

The gang of 15 at Tolly's Gastropub in Greenville, OH.  The group would soon learn that the day's 5-10 mph headwind was nothing compared to what was to come.  Photo by Kristen Dinges
Tolly's Gastropub

August 26: Thanks to Rick and Anna Stanley for hosting another Tour of Madison County;  nearly 40 Cyclists attended.

Located just west of Alexandria, the world's largest paint ball in all of it's glory.
World's Largest Paintball

August 12: Nice Dinner Ride hosted by Ian and Cheryl.  Five tandems and nine singles traveled to the Wanamaker Fish Fry.

August 5: Thanks to Gary & Shannon who hosted 15 tandem teams and 7 singles on their promised "Flat as a Pancake" ride to Ben's Friendly Bar in Shirley, IN.

Big Ben welcomes us to Ben's Friendly Bar in Shirley, IN - photo by Madelyn Zalon
Ben's Friendly Bar

July 24: We dodged some morning rain on Saturday, but a very nice weekend in Shipshewana.  We had great local support thanks to  Pat & Therese Billisitz, Rick & Mary Davis, Andy & Patty Dossman,  Danny Graber & Rhonda Yoder, Keith & Jane Miller, and Jim & Denise Snyder.

July 5
See Greg Clark's video from the Fourth of July Ride!

June 26: Thanks to Jim & Betsy Chisholm for hosting their weekend ride in Cincinnati; We saw some of the finest trails anywhere.
June 5: Thanks to John and Julia Boyd for hosting our first ever "Couples Ride."  We had three single riders join us, two tandem teams who we haven't seen in five years, and a new couple on a group ride with their tandem for the first time.

We enjoyed a safe weekend with great weather in Madison.  We met several experienced teams riding on their first HOOTs event. Thanks to Bob & Charlotte Canida; Jon Wineland: and Don & Chris Kirk for helping with the event.  We return to Madison in 2018, but it may be in September.

May 29: Thanks to Nathan and Kristen for hosting another Raceday Cookout - and no rain!

Nebo Ridge Couples ride is Tuesday, May 30th at 6:30p.m.  See the calendar below for details.

Madison is this weekend; you're most welcome to "just show up."  See the calendar below for details.

May 16: Another fine evening with the students at the Indiana School for the Blind.  See the Pictures.  An anonymous (a family including 3 young children) donor picked up the tab for our ice cream on the Monon.

May 7:Thanks to Jeff and Ann Marie for hosting our first ride of the year.
Here we are at Ted's Montana Grill - photo by Jan Moorhead.
click on image for larger view.

The hospitality fee for Madison goes up on May 22nd - Download the entry form to register now.