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Membership and Email Subscription Updates

Thank you for considering HOOTs as your tandem club in Indiana.  If you're already a dues-paying member of an Indiana bicycle club, then you do not need to pay additional dues to join HOOTs.  Otherwise, your yearly dues are $10 per couple, payable to "CIBA / HOOTs" and mailed to: Kent Ellis, 1923 Azurite Place., Fort Wayne, IN 46804.  We are able to keep dues to a minimum through the generous support of the Central Indiana Bicycling Association, and surpluses from past Midwest Tandem Rallys that HOOTs has hosted.

To update your profile, click the "Join HOOTs or Update Your Profile" link below and complete the signup form using your current email address.  The system will recognize that you're already in the system and send you an email with a link to update your profile.  If you're changing your email address, type in the new email over the existing ****@***** on the form.  If all else fails, please contact me at the email at the bottom of this page.

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